Leiden is a university city since 1575, located in the Dutch province of South Holland. The spirit of the Golden Age lives on here, a place where Rembrandt was born and inspired so many other influential painters. The city is famous for its almshouses, university, museums and glorious history.










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Congress 2015

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INCF Congress

Keynote Speakers

Margarita BehrensMargarita Behrens

Salk Institute

Will talk about:
The epigenome and brain circuit changes during postnatal development


Dmitri (Mitya) ChklovskiiDmitri (Mitya) Chklovskii

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Farms

Will talk about:
Can connectomics help us understand neural computation? Insights from the fly visual system

Daniel Choquet

Daniel Choquet

University of Bordeaux

Will talk about:
A nanoscale view into the dynamic of AMPA receptor organization in synapses


Viktor JirsaViktor Jirsa

Inserm at Aix-Marseille University

Will talk about:
The Virtual Brain: a simulator of large-scale brain network dynamics

Michael MilhamMichael Milham

Child Mind Institute

Will talk about:
Emerging models for biomarker identification

Felix SchürmannFelix Schürmann

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Will talk about:
In silico neuroscience – an integrative approach

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INCF would like to thank speakers, participants and sponsors for a great congress! We hope to see you again next year!

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INCF Leiden hackathon 2014
will take place August 25-26. It is a great opportunity for open source neuroinformatics developers to meet and work collaboratively.

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Learn more and register on the INCF wiki