The Program Committee, chaired by Mary B. Kennedy, has confirmed the following keynote speakers:
  • Margarita Behrens "The epigenome and brain circuit changes during postnatal development"
  • Dmitri (Mitya) Chklovskii "Can connectomics help us understand neural computation? Insights from the fly visual system"
  • Daniel Choquet "A nanoscale view into the dynamic of AMPA receptor organization in synapses"
  • Viktor Jirsa "The Virtual Brain: a simulator of large-scale brain network dynamics"
  • Michael Milham "Emerging models for biomarker identification"
  • Felix Schürmann "In silico neuroscience – an integrative approach"

a special session on big data in clinical and translational informatics, featuring talks by:

  • Yike Guo " Small brain and big data"
  • Asla Pitkanen "Common Data Elements: A remedy for cure of underpowered preclinical studies"

and a Netherlands Node special session on population-based neuroimaging.

In addition, there will be four workshops with speakers and panel discussion, and one session with oral presentations. As in previous years, the 2014 INCF Congress features two poster and demo sessions. These sessions have been of excellent quality and high interest in previous years and we expect nothing less for 2014.

Congress program