Workshop 4

Open Collaboration in Computational Neuroscience

Neuroscience has traditionally been a discipline where isolated labs have produced their own experimental data and created their own models to interpret their findings. However, it is becoming clear that no one lab can create cell and network models rich enough to address all the relevant biological questions, or to generate and analyse all the data required to inform, constrain, and test these models. The success of the open source software development movement suggests that both model building and data collection/curation would be greatly enhanced by public, collaborative efforts to solve these problems. This workshop will highlight several examples of such efforts taking place in neuroinformatics today, and will present open tools and resources that can be instrumental in facilitating further efforts.

Session: Wednesday, August 27th 10:20-12:10

Chair: Angus Silver


Stephen Larson - Open Worm: A community developed in silico model of C. Elegans

Padraig Gleeson - The Open Source Brain Initiative, enabling collaborative model development in computational neuroscience

Rick Gerkin - NeuroElectro and NeuronUnit

Shreejoy Tripathy - Semi-automated approaches for drawing inferences from the vast neurophysiology literature

Aurel A. Lazar - Neurokernal: Emulating the drosophila brain on multiple GPUs